Who We Were.

Den & Peg Dennis Young, a retired electronics engineer, carried out most of the PCW & PcW LocoScript salvages, assisted by his wife Peg. He also carried out most of the transfers and conversions from PCW to PC. Sadly, Dennis died in March 2010 and Peg died a couple of years later.

Dennis (with Peg)

Dave Axford Dave Axford, who had earlier retired from the Navy with ME also carried out many of the PCW LocoScript salvages during the early years of the Company.

Dave Axford

Dave & Sue Dave Smith, a Director and one of the founders of the company, also retired, worked on the PC, CP/M, MAC and unusual salvages and conversions. He also took on all the unusual tasks that most people thought were impossible! Dave's wife, Sue, a Director and co-founder of the Company played a key role in the whole operation by handling the telephone calls and keeping the necessary paperwork and administration under firm control.

Over the years, in coping with the workload of around 1000 disks per year, we were supported by the excellent programming abilities of Stephen Younger and Wilf Ford (who, sadly, died in 1999).

Wilf Ford.
1922 - 1999

We owe a great debt of gratitude to Wilf. Many of the programs which we used to salvage damaged disks and to recover the files from them were written by Wilf and his work literally saved us thousands of hours of time and made an important contribution to our fundraising activities. It is probably true to say that without his help we would not have coped with the workload. Wilf was also interested in genealogy and wrote some special programs in that area too.



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